Na dam maw?

Hi, my name is Jesse and I live in Spokane, WA. Through an organization called Global Neighborhood, I came in contact with a refugee family from Falam, Chin State, Myanmar. Among other things, I tutor them in English and teach them the skills essential for living in America.

I love languages, and from the beginning I made it my goal to learn their language in whatever capacity I was able. I came to find out that while my family spoke Burmese (which I found resources for learning), their native language which they spoke in Falam has a remarkably small footprint on the internet; I found next to nothing available about the language and even fewer resources for acquiring it.

Along with my desire to learn Falam Chin, I also want it to be preserved. I started this blog with three intentions in mind: to organize and record my learning for myself, to expose my knowledge to the worldwide community who can either correct or learn from me and finally to chronicle and preserve this relatively obscure language in case it is ever endangered or faces extinction.

With those goals stated, if you know Falam Chin or want to learn, please contact me. Correct me when I need it. I would love to get in contact with those of you out there who are connected with this language, and I make no claim to have everything (or anything!) correct for now.

Kalawm awi,


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